How to Measure Your Pet for IATA-Approved Travel Crate

How to Measure Your Pet for the Perfect IATA-Approved Travel Crate

Ensuring a Purr-fect Fit: How to Measure Your Pet for the Right Travel Crate

When traveling with your furry companion, ensuring their safety and comfort is paramount. Investing in an IATA-approved pet travel carrier is a wise decision, but it's crucial to measure your pet accurately before making that purchase. This comprehensive guide will explore the importance of IATA approval and provide step-by-step instructions on measuring your pet to guarantee a perfect fit.

Understanding IATA-Approved Pet Carriers

Before delving into the measuring process, it's essential to understand the significance of an IATA-approved pet carrier. Airlines follow strict regulations, and using an approved carrier ensures compliance with these guidelines. This not only guarantees your pet's safety but also streamlines the travel process.

Key Benefits of an IATA-Approved Pet Carrier

  • Compliance with Airline Regulations: An IATA-approved pet carrier meets international aviation standards, ensuring your pet's travel crate is accepted by airlines.
  • Safety and Comfort: These carriers are designed to provide a secure and comfortable environment for your pet during travel.
  • Ease of Travel: Using an approved carrier reduces the risk of travel disruptions and ensures a smoother journey for you and your pet.

Measuring Your Pet for the Perfect Fit

Accurate measurements are crucial for selecting the right size carrier. Here’s how to measure your pet properly:

Step-by-Step Measuring Guide

  1. Length: Measure from the tip of your pet's nose to the base of their tail.
  2. Height: Measure from the top of your pet's head to the ground when they are standing.
  3. Width: Measure the widest part of your pet's shoulders or hips.

Additional Tips for Measuring Your Pet

  • Standing, Turning, and Lying Down: Ensure the carrier allows your pet to stand, turn around, and lie comfortably.
  • Weight Consideration: Check the weight capacity of the carrier to ensure it can support your pet.
  • Ventilation: Choose a carrier with good ventilation to keep your pet comfortable during the journey.

Top IATA-Approved Pet Carrier Recommendation

For pet owners in Dubai, the MP Bergamo Bracco Pets Carrier is an excellent choice. This IATA-approved carrier is designed to meet the needs of pet travel, ensuring compliance and comfort for your furry friend.


Investing in an IATA-approved pet travel carrier is a responsible choice for pet owners who love to travel. By understanding the importance of compliance and following our simple measuring guide, you can ensure your furry friend experiences a stress-free and secure journey. Remember, a well-fitted carrier is the first step to happy travels with your beloved pet.

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