Dog Friendly Places in Dubai

Dog Friendly Places in Dubai

Visiting Dubai for the first time with your doggo? You might be concerned about which places allow dogs there, right? Well, no need to worry because we have developed a complete guide for you to spend quality time with your furball in that beautiful city. 

We’ll discuss whether Dubai is good for dogs and which malls, parks, and hotels allow dogs there. So, continue reading to find everything you need to know before you begin your journey with your pup. 

Is Dubai a Good Place for Dogs?

Dubai is a truly global city for all people and pets alike. It's a predominantly pet-friendly destination if you do your research properly. There are some quality places that you can find in the city where your furry friend can enjoy and play around. 

Dog-friendly hotels

There are so many dog-friendly hotels in Dubai. Places like DoubleTree Hilton Jumeirah, Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, Elements Al Jaddaf, Club Vista Mare, and many others allow dogs without discrimination. Irish village is one of the oldest dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai.

There are so many other hotels you can find there. Radisson red Hotel and VIDA Emirates Hills are some other prominent names where dogs are allowed. 

Dog-friendly parks 

If you are looking to take your dog for a fun time outdoors in Dubai, then you will love to find out that there are many dog parks. Your friend will love having fun while running around, and you will find lots of spots where food and water are available for your little furball.

Places like Bark Park, Burj Park, Dubai Tennis Stadium, JLT Dog Park, and others are all developed for the man’s best friend. And pet lovers will also love spending time there. 

JBR Dog Park, Emaar Business park, Damac Akoya Dog Park, Dubai Hills Park, Town Square Dog Park, and Cardenia Dog Park are all pretty good for spending quality time with your doggo. 

Dog-friendly restaurants 

Many pet-friendly restaurants in Dubai also allow dogs. Whether you are looking for a casual place for a quick bite or an upscale establishment, there is something on offer for every dog lover in Dubai, and it serves delicious food. 

Some dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai include The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen, Arrows and Sparrows, RAW Coffee Company, and Social Company. Apart from that, you can visit the likes of Ella’s Eatery, 1762 JLT, Ivy’s Secret Garden, Just Vegan, CoCo Paris, and UBK, among many others. 

Dog-friendly activities

There are many dog-friendly places in Dubai where you can indulge your dog in various activities as well. For example, you can take him for a walk on the beachfront of The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah. 

The breeze there is refreshing, and the sand is soft. Places like Bark Park Dubai offer a range of different activities as well as amenities for dogs, from swimming to walks without leashes. 

Moreover, a tour around Burj Park will give your dog many places to have fun, and you can take some fantastic snaps there with the Burj Khalifa in the backdrop. There are many hiking places in Dubai where you can hike with your buddy too. 

Are Dogs Allowed in Malls Dubai?

There are not many malls around the city that allow malls in Dubai. But you need to look for the signs that mention, “dogs allowed.” 

In most malls, dogs are not allowed there in Dubai. However, that doesn’t mean you can't go to a mall in Dubai where you can take your doggie buddy. 

Golden Mile Galleria Mall

This mall welcomes shoppers who come with their pooches, and the air-conditioned destination is pretty awesome. This mall has a variety of brands, and there are so many dining options too. 

These options are not only limited to humans. You can explore many pet shops and vet services inside the mall too. 

My Second Home

This is the biggest mall in Dubai by Area and houses the largest water screen projection and Christmas bauble. Moreover, this mall has the largest indoor dog resort.

The park is as big as 18 tennis courts, and there are two swimming pools. You will find grooming services for your little friend and training courses. 

Fountain Area, City Walk

This open-air dining and shopping destination is located by the beach. It has many designer cafes, shops, and restaurants. It is one of the most luxurious places in Dubai, so you can expect a higher check whenever you shop or dine in this mall. 

Are Dogs Allowed in Taxi Dubai?

Not every taxi company in Dubai allows pets. But there are a few that do so. You can consider these options if you are unwilling to leave your doggo friend behind at the hotel or hand him over to the pet-sitting service. 


We highly recommend Petlove because they offer professional and pet-friendly services for anyone looking to arrange travel across Dubai for their little companions. 

Modern Vet

These taxis cater to your pets in a sitting area designated for pet transportation. But this service comes in handy if your pet buddy wants to see a vet. 

Snoopy Pets

This pet taxi service covers the entire UAE, and you can use their service for safe and convenient pet transportation. 

Pet Station

Pet Station is the most affordable option if you are looking for timely and safe pet transportation. 


This 24-hour service helps you drive your pet to any destination across the UAE while prioritizing hygiene and safety.

Top 4 Dog Parks in Dubai

There is no shortage of dog parks in Dubai. And the best part is that they are all pretty high-quality parks too. You and your little fur ball will have loads of fun there. We are mentioning only a few of them here. 

Bark Park

It's a true dog heaven as it provides a secluded and clean area for your buddy to exercise and socialize, and that too without any leash. You can take your buddy to different obstacle courses and a paddling pool.

Miles of open land is also available, which your doggie buddy can enjoy while running and jumping around. A camping facility is here if you are looking for some overnight adventures with your canine pal. 

Sustainable City Dog Park

This community dog park in Dubai is another great option where your furball can frolic around like crazy. It's a cool pet-friendly park for your friend to socialize with other dogs and play around. Both you and your friend can relax all day outdoors without worrying about the world. 

The Greens Dog Park

It is one of the best dog parks in all of Dubai, and it lives up to expectations with its quality amenities for your buddy. It provides a safe spot for your doggy friend to play around and have all the fun in the world. 

The open space here is adequately fenced, and there is a sandpit there as well, where dogs get a chance to get messy. But remember, those pet owners are not allowed to bring toys or treats here. 

JLT Dog Park

It's a delightful place for all dog owners as you get to train your dog here, and your dog can socialize with other pups and explore the entire park. 

There are open green spaces as well as a sandpit here. A vastly spread area is there for going off-leash. This park serves Jumeirah Lake Towers and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Hotels in Dub

Hotels have slightly more lenient no-pet policies, and you will find a fine range of hotels that allow pets without any problem. 

Delta Hotels - Marriott Jumeirah Beach 

If you don’t want to leave your pet behind during your staycation in Dubai, you must book your stay in Delta Hotels by Marriot. 

Located in the HBR area of Dubai, it is an entirely pet-friendly hotel, and you can comfortably check in with your furry friends. You will also get a sign on your door saying, “pet in the room.” And there is a pet-friendly lift available too. 

Donatello Hotel

This hotel has comfortable rooms and a highly impressive fitness center. You can access a swimming pool and a spa, a very pet-friendly space. 

Booking your stay at this hotel will also get discounts on various other parks and resorts across Dubai. You can comfortably check in with your pet without any issues. 

DoubleTree by Hilton

Your doggo buddy needs to be a maximum of 10 kilos to accompany you if you are looking to book your stay here in this hotel. 

So, the smaller your doggie is, the more welcoming the hotel will be for you. And you will have to pay a non-refundable fee for your pet to stay with you. 

Hotel Indigo

This new hotel is located in Downtown Dubai and is highly regarded for its special pet treatment. Your puppy will get treats, toys, and a nice, eco-friendly bed. 

He can even join you for breakfast on the terrace in Open Sesame, but you will have to pay a non-refundable fee per night. 


There is a wide variety of rooms that you can choose from, and you can also go for apartments and suites along with adjoining rooms if you're traveling with a larger family. 

All these rooms come with a food bowl and a pet bed. Your pet will get free ice cream and various other pet refreshments here. 

Wrap up

You might notice that there are not many dog-friendly places in Dubai offers. And there are clear signs that show that too. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find a wide range of hotels, parks, restaurants, and malls that allow pets of different sizes. 

Make sure you do your research before planning to travel to this awesome city with your furball. And you will notice that Dubai has some pretty quality pet-friendly places where you can create many beautiful memories with your doggo. Maintaining the energy of your dog is very important, so make sure your pet eats healthy food. If you are looking for highly nutritious dog food for your pet, you can check out our wide selection of dry dog food and dog wet food options.

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